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Rob is an Independent candidate for the 2016 Federal Election. He believes in the necessity of rural Australia and he, especially in the New England, believes that we should have a clear voice in Canberra that is not associated with any party, in order to truly represent the needs and views of the electorate.


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RT @nicknamesnuts: @Rob_Taber Vote for him even though @sportsbetcomau thinks his name is Rod Taber. https://t.co/1D4pQzNNjc

RT @TonyHWindsor: Another good example is @Rob_Taber ...has pioneered solar and renewable energy in our region....candidate in New England…

RT @ArmidaleExpress: Voters grill byelection candidates over education policy | Video https://t.co/OUhO3dVHFu

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What Rob stands for

Rob stands for a new era in politics. He is a man of honesty and integrity. He will not make a promise or commitment that he can't follow through on. Rob understands the day-to-day struggles of the people of New England. As a farmer himself, Rob understands farmers' concerns about water security, the threat of mines to agriculture and the pressure faced in times of drought. He understands the struggles facing families such as rising power costs and the increased cost of living. Rob has been in business for 43 years so he understands the challenges businesses face such as, slow economic growth and rapidly increasing costs. Rob knows the imminent threat of climate change that will affect everyone if nothing is done. Rob is contesting the by-election to give you, the seat of New England, a clear and undistracted voice in Federal parliament. If elected, Rob will fight exclusively for New England. He will fight for lower power prices, he will fight to grow business and employment opportunities across New England. He will fight to give everyone in New England the representation they deserve. So what does Rob stand for? He stands for people like YOU.

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0428 431 639

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